Our Mission

The mission of Gunz Up Training & Nutrition is to improve the quality of life and health of each client through innovative, effective fitness training and nutrition coaching.  We want our clients to become healthier and physically stronger; we also want to empower our clients to motivate and challenge others to live fuller, smarter, and healthier lives. Our goal is to create long-lasting change and to use fitness to invest in the lives of each client and the community.


Our Vision

Gunz Up strives to be an industry leader in fitness and specialty training. Our cutting-edge concepts and results-proven training result in creative and effective fitness programs. We are led by group of accomplished and experienced fitness industry experts versed in a variety of exercise styles, with each trainer’s background complementing the others.  No matter what your specific needs are, we have the team to assist you in your goals.

Gunz Up provides quality and cost-effective health programs to individuals of all fitness levels. Ultimately, we want to positively transform the life of each client.

Our Values

We value our:

Members and Clients

Customer Service


Community Partnerships

Professional Expertise


Our Owners

Adam Stary


Victoria Holliday


Tyler Riggin


Our Trainers

Josh Vega 

Audra Nieman 

Serena Brewster 

Garrie Knight 

Jeffrey Blake 

Jared Del Toro

Jonathan Aguayo